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Birch syrup is an amazingly versatile ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes!

Salmon and birch syrup complement each other extremely well. Try it as a cedar plank BBQ.

Substitute it in your favourite recipes that call for inverted sugars like honey and molasses, but keep in mind that 8 fluid ounces of syrup contains 3 2/3 ounces of water.

Some of us like the taste of birch syrup full on. If you are such a person, go for the quick and easy pairings of birch syrup drizzled over fresh fruit, hot breakfast cereal, or dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese. It also adds wonderful flavour to milk shakes, hard liquor and coffee drinks. Use it in a Birch syrup vinaigrette dressing.

Try our quick Kispiox Birch Salmon recipe;

Take one salmon filet, drizzle on 1-2 teaspoons pure Kispiox birch syrup and pierce with fork. Sprinkle lightly with ground cumin and finely diced onions. Bake for 25-28 minutes uncovered. Garnish with onion circles. Serve with rice and fresh veggies. For a stronger flavour let salmon marinate overnight.

Check out the following web sites for recipes. Most of them are using a blended product. Ours is pure, so you may want to start with a little less.
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