Son of a Birch                 50ml                    $14.00

Mama Birch                   125ml                    $30.00

Papa Birch                    250ml                     $60.00

Larger Restaurant sizes and prices are available upon request.


We can send your order by regular mail or parcel post or the registered courier that serves your area such as Purolator or FedEx. Canada Post shipping charges within Canada start at about $13, to the USA $7. Go figure Canada Post's logic, eh?

To Order

Phone:  (250) 842-6367​​


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The Birch Family
Also available at:

- Donna’s Goodies at the Farmer's Markets in Smithers and New Hazelton
- In the Hazeltons at Country Herbs Health Food Store, K'san Historic Village
​- The F​lying Fish in Terrace  

You can find us at: 
921 Poplar Park Road
near Pentz Lake in the Kispiox Valley

Google Earth co-ordinates from 3 km up 2005 photo:
Center of property (driveway-road) Latitude 55°29'45.29"N Longitude 127°49'33.91"W

​  Kispiox
We are happy to answer your questions about birch syrup and how to order!