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Kispiox Creations
Birch syrup is produced in the Kispiox Valley in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Kispiox Creations produces 'Son of a Birch' and the 'Birch Family' products.

Our property is 550+ acres of mixed timber including an abundance of paper birch trees of varying maturities. We are committed to harvesting birch sap in a sustainable manner with low impact on the air, soil and water. Tapped trees are located near the processing site and are accessed via rehabilitated logging trails and former utility lines. Water is gravity feed and heat is from dead and downed trees. Excess heat from syrup production is used in our greenhouse. 

In the Kispiox Valley the tapping season is between mid-April and mid-May, give or take a week. Trees are tapped for 3 consecutive years and then taken out of production. We plug individual tapping holes after each season so that the tree “heals” properly. New trees are started every year.